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Fine Wine

Fine Wine

Investing in wine is by no means a new phenomenon. Many years before fine wine became truly ‘global’ in the mid-1990s, gentleman wine collectors followed a basic rule: buy five cases of claret and put them in the cellar. Wait 10 years then drink two of the cases and sell three, and by doing so realise enough profit to buy five cases of younger wine and start again.

In the 1990s, demand for the best wines from Bordeaux boomed as the ‘traditional’ market for these wines – namely Europe and North America – was joined by a new market in the Far East. Prices increased and though the cost of some top Bordeaux châteaux dropped in 1998 due to the Asian economic collapse, the general trend in wine prices has been up. While it is difficult to find totally accurate records and, therefore, data, it is fair to say that the prices for the very best wines have risen over the past 10 years or so, with quieter periods being more than compensated for by busy ones.

The correlation between the financial and fine wine markets is traditionally relatively small, but the more people invest in wine, the more this market will behave like an investment. As global demand and consumption of the world’s finest wines increases, opportunity exists to build a collection of wines to provide a financial return over the longer term.

Fine wines can make a good, relatively low risk long-term investment.  However, as with all types of business, there are rogue wine traders who are intent on conning people out of their money.  Whether you are a wine enthusiast starting your own fine wine collection or someone looking to build up an investment portfolio, we are able to help guide you.

How you store and manage your wine purchase is crucial to its future value. Whilst you can keep fine wines in your own cellar, wine bought for investment is usually stored professionally, either in your own warehouse account or in a merchant’s customer reserves.

How we can help

  • Wealth of experience in fine wine cellarage and UK and worldwide logistics
  • A strong network of merchants and advisors, who can support the start-up and build of a wine portfolio
  • Advise on tax benefits of fine wine as part of your investment portfolio

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