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Interim or Part Time
Finance Director

Having strong financial management is essential for the success of every business. AVEY of London can provide temporary or part-time Finance Director (‘FD’) support to SME’s in the early stages of their business life cycle who do not currently have a requirement for a permanent FD or are going through the recruitment process of appointing one.

We have a wealth of experience and expertise to help your business with:

  • Analysis of business performance
  • Business growth strategy
  • Funding access advice
  • Costs analysis and cash flow management
  • Monthly review of management accounts and cash flow, and the underlying data
  • Preparation of a board pack, attendance and contribution to board and other meetings, as and when required
  • Financial input into strategic business issues
  • Assistance with strategic planning and forecasting
  • Assistance with turnaround and restructuring
  • Managing relationship with external stakeholders
  • Overseeing compliance such as year-end accounts, audit, tax and other HMRC compliance
  • Complex accounting matters
  • Review of tender documents and commercial proposals
  • Business Mentors to board and management team


  • Financial expertise on your board
  • Access to a wide network of business contacts
  • Accurate and reliable financial management information
  • Robust accounting and management processes
  • Confidence in published financial results
  • Strategic business input that provides focus to planning and development
  • Decision support
  • Administrative support as and when needed on legal and tax matters, often by engaging the help from outside advisors and managing the relationships with those advisors
  • Shared wealth of commercial and practical experience

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