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Global uncertainty created by the result of the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump appears to have hit the UK property market hard pushing it to its flattest since 2013.

There is a compelling evidence of sharp slowdown in transactions particularly in London driven by the weakening demand and a drop in the number of properties put on the market.

Whether this slowdown is mostly triggered by the political turmoil remains unclear but Brexit certainly has had its effect on the confidence of the UK property buyers creating additional challenges for the industry already overwhelmed by the ever-increasing regulatory burden, shifting tax environment, increased tax and stamp duty on the buy-to let market, rising costs and tougher lending rules, all of which surge the operating and administrative costs and reducing returns.

How we can help

We have extensive experience of working with UK property and real estate companies and, given the ever-changing nature of the industry and its exposure to a range of risks, we are best placed to help you get your accounting and management information right to grow a successful business.

We help developers and property owners with financial and business advisory, construction and investment property accounting, tax compliance, cost forecasting and budgeting.

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