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The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has announced plans for a major review of the UK Corporate Governance Code in response to its work done on corporate culture and succession planning, and the issues raised in the Government’s Green Paper and the BEIS Select Committee inquiry.

In its response to the Government’s Green Paper on Corporate Governance Reform the FRC will consider:

  • the importance of helping boards take better account of stakeholder views;
  • linking executive remuneration with performance; and
  • extending the FRC’s enforcement powers to ensure that disciplinary action can be taken against all directors where there have been financial reporting breaches.

The review is expected to build on current strengths of UK Governance such as the unitary board, strong shareholder rights, the role of stewardship and the “comply or explain” approach, but will also focus on the growing demands on the Corporate Governance framework.

The FRC plans to undertake a full consultation with a wide range of stakeholder and have established a Stakeholder Advisory Panel of high profile representatives from a variety of sectors to assist them through the process.

The consultation on FRC proposal is expected later in 2017, based on the outcome of the review of the Government’s response to its Green Paper.

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